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Team Cavanagh are now looking for members to join them and compete for the club. If you are interested then please get in touch with us on the Email Contact link on the bottom left of this page.

Team Cavanagh currently has 30 members of all ages and both male and female lifters from schoolage to masters.

Our new gym has 5 platforms and a jerk block platform and plenty of squats stands. Our gym is very much a competitive weightlifting club with many competitons of all age groups and standards throughout the year.

Why not give weightlifting a go and see where it takes you ?

Anyone wishing to join will compete for Team Cavanagh Weightlifting Club if you would like to give Olympic Weightlifting a go just get in touch.


The Outside and inside of our Gym


You can find us at: Team Cavanagh, 419 Balmore Road, Parkhouse Business Centre, The Tower, Glasgow G22-6NU

Our Opening Times Are Varied So Please Ask When you Enquire